Tater Tot Gap

Potato Ridge (aka: Rocky Gap) is a trail that runs between Red Rock recreational area and Lovell Canyon on the lower end of the Spring Mountains. I ran this trail two consecutive weekends with different people. These where my first times running this famous trail, and from what I’m told is that the trail as it sits now is way more difficult then in the past due to recent rains and flash floods. They used to rate this trail a 2-2.5 (based on a scale of 1-5) and now it’s a 2-3, in the past you could use the frontage road to avoid difficult sections of the wash but now the frontage road is almost as hard as the wash. On my first run I witnessed my first roll over and on the second run a rider broke an axle.

This is not a trail for stock jeeps and a 3″ plus lift with 35’s is recommend, also lockers would not hurt. Do not run this trail alone as you will have a high chance to turtle and will need to get pulled off, also a spotter who doubles as a rock tosser helps. Set aside at least 3-6 hours (depending how much time you spend in the wash) ┬áto run this trail. Also make sure you start from the Lovell canyon side to avoid paying the entrance fee in to the red rock recreational area.

I took some video and some pictures of my adventure, enjoy.









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