Name the one thing that you do every time you go out wheeling and is a big pain in the ass, especially in the desert heat. Yup, airing down and back up again. This process can be slow and a tedious every time, but my good friend Pat Hickman at Rock Smasher Engineering has come up with an awesome system that is sure to revolutionize this task.

2-way-airThe 2Way Air System by Rock Smasher Engineering is an easy hassle free way to air up and air down. One single manifold that hooks up to all four tires creates a single air source and even tire pressure. Check out some of the videos to see how this works. Also visit and like Rock Smasher Engineering on Facebook.

I was super lucky to get one of these systems installed on my JKU and it is amazing. Again thanks Pat and Rock Smasher Engineering!!!

Here is a picture of me letting the 2Way Air system do all the work (see people in background on their knees “ouch”).


We mounted the manifold in the engine compartment, I’m using my Stauns (this one is set to 14lbs) to do the stopping point. You could use an air gauge if you don’t have Stauns.


Here are some pictures I took during install.







WAYALIFE 2014 Kick Off Run

Had an opportunity to do a ride with some of the nice folk from the Wayalife forums for their 2014 Kick off run. Met some really nice people and rode with some bad ass Jeeps!


The ride took us into the Mojave Desert just outside of Barstow, CA. (Afton Canyon area, see .kml file for complete track.)


This was my first water crossing, Colleen and I where all smile from ear to ear all the way through (no water came in through the doors).


Here is a short video of the trip.

Bootleg Canyon Boulder City, NV

I wanted to record some footage with my new GoPro video camera, so Colleen and I took a ten minute jaunt down the road to Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City, NV.

Bootleg Canyon is a groomed mountain bike park with incredible trails and at the top of the road you get great views of Boulder City and The entire Las Vegas valley. And the zip-lines are awesome!


Boulder City is an awesome place to visit (not just to gawk at the giant chunk of cement blocking the Colorado river). They have some great sidewalk cafe’s and restaurants that actually are quite popular and get very crowed on hot evenings. Image below is Mimi’s Wine Cellar, and we also really like a place called The Dillinger (great wings and burgers!). FYI, Boulder City has “No” gambling [crazy eyes].

Map to Bootleg Canyon and Boulder City, NV

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