My daughter Nicole got me a GoPro Black HERO3 for a Christmas present,  so adding many great pictures and videos of my Jeep runs will help spice up this blog. I would imagine my first few videos will be a bit amateurish, but should improve over time. GoPro does have a video editor that you can get for free from the website, so we will see how that works out. I also do have a copy of Adobe CS5 Master Suite with After Effects if the GoPro software does not cut it (might have to ask my friend Barbra Talbot for a quick software 101).


I have seen some great footage taken with this camera, so it should make me look like a pro! Also will have to hit the stores to grab a suction mount for hood (or side) shots on the trail. It does come with some 3M sticky mounts, so I will be at least be able to add one to my dashboard. They also have a app for Android that allows you to live preview (and control) the camera remotely through WIFI.