WAYALIFE 2014 Kick Off Run

Had an opportunity to do a ride with some of the nice folk from the Wayalife forums for their 2014 Kick off run. Met some really nice people and rode with some bad ass Jeeps!


The ride took us into the Mojave Desert just outside of Barstow, CA. (Afton Canyon area, see .kml file for complete track.)


This was my first water crossing, Colleen and I where all smile from ear to ear all the way through (no water came in through the doors).


Here is a short video of the trip.

Highland Range

This was a quick ride to the Highland Range. It is also a Big Horn Sheep protected area (did not see any this day). My dog Tucker rode along to keep me company on this beautiful Saturday Morning. Also took some footage that I have posted to my YouTube Channel. Still learning Adobe Premier and tried to play around with a couple of things, some work and some don’t…


Location on Google Map