When in Rome…

You hear about these places over time and you wish you get a chance to check them out, CHECK! Recently I had the pleasure to ride out with a fine group of Jeepers to visit the Colosseum Mine at the state line of California and Nevada (Primm, NV).


We rolled out bright and early on a magnificent Sunday morning (expected high of around 85) with the roof off (spider webshade in place to fend off the evil sun rays) and no doors… NAKED! We had a crew¬†of around 12 vehicles. Mainly Jeeps but an XJ and a couple of FJ’s to round out the group.


My favorite gal Colleen had a blast hanging out and joking all day in the middle of the Mojave desert! Most people think the desert is this bleak, barren wasteland. But you would be soooo wrong my friend, this desert was in massive full bloom and it was amazing to see.



We also got a chance to explore some old mining buildings left over from days-gone-by.


We then rolled up to a nice high spot to look down over the Ivanpah Solar facility at the state line, if you look closely you can see small puffs of smoke from birds getting ignited from the solar arrays (just kidding).


I highly recommend this easy stock friendly day trip. Also noticed many places to dry camp, might have to come back up this way to spend the night.

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