WAYALIFE 2015 Kickoff run

Had a blast running the 2015 Wayalife kickoff run, colleen and I enjoyed catching up with those we have met before and meeting tons of new people. Great group to ride with. It was a cool start to the day, warmed up quickly (mid 50’s) had over 60 Jeeps and was dusty as hell! Zoe and Tucker (trail dog’s) enjoyed the ride, but after 14 hours in the Jeep they were bushed. I look forward to next years run, and maybe one of the others during the upcoming year. Here is the GPS track and stats and below is a short video.

Sand Hollow

A good jeeping buddy Eddie Oritz decided that for his birthday he wanted to gather all his friends and do some wheeling at Sand Hollow State park just outside Hurricane, UT. This may have been one of my all time favorite rides, the trails were amazing and the views epic. I spent night on Saturday and spent some time hanging out with the most awesome group of people. I also got to try out my new sleeping arrangement, a hammock slung inside my JKU and the verdict is… Great night of sleep, except for the thunderstorms that rolled through in the middle of the night. I will do a write up soon about how I hung a hammock in my jeep!




Tie Rod Canyon

Did this run with The Vegas Valley Four Wheeler’s and had a blast! Met some awesome people that where both in my group and met along the way. This trail had some difficult spots and really pushed the limit of my JKU. A set of rear lockers would have helped and sway bar disconnects (adding soon!). We also traveled through Carnage Canyon (great name). Learn more about it here. The trail had a few groups of riders and I came across a couple of Wayalife members (Notajerryskid & MTG) along they way who were running with the 702WarMachines. Here are a couple of images of the run.

GOPR0976 GOPR0967 GOPR0953 GOPR0983 GOPR1010 GOPR1014 GOPR1034 GOPR1035